• over 100 countries are member of ICOLD
  • dominant ICOLD-countries: USA, Canada, BRIC-countries (esp. China), Spain, Turkiye, France, Germany and UK
  • ICOLD organises every year a 3-4-day Annual Meeting including symposia and field trips
  • every three year an ICOLD-congress


Via good practices and bulletins ICOLD is internationally leading in dam safety, taking into account the environmental, social and economical impact for the construction as well as the operation phase.

ICOLD promotes sustainable hydropower and systainable water management. But also focuses on small dams and levees and small reservoirs. Topics as asset management, ageing and using a risk-driven approach is top-listed on the agenda.

NethCOLDs mission is to improve good practice guidelines and engineering skills by receiving and bringing knowledge from and to the international communities with the governmental departments, knowledge institutes and industry as members of NethCOLD.