Most webinars or congresses of ICOLD can mostly be joined without membership of a national committee.

For the core activities of ICOLD (committees, European Clubs, Young Engineer Forum) the membership is required. This membership is arranged via a national committee, for the Netherlands this is NethCOLD.

Via a membership you have:

  • Access to a network of more than 1000 international contacts via Annual Meetings
  • Option to become exhibitor during an ICOLD Annual Meeting
  • Acces to workshops during the ICOLD Annual Meetings and possibility to become member of an ICOLD Technical Committee (after nomination)
  • Reduced fee for ICOLD-related congresses, meetings, etc.
  • Free access to ICOLD-publications or reduced fee

Registration as a member

Active members can join Technical Committees of ICOLD-forum or Working Gourps, and share their own knowledge in the published bulletins. In this way also Dutch insights can be included and bulletins can be made applicable for Dutch practice. To become technical committee member a nomination is required.

Knowledge institutes(fte > 250)€ 600,=
Government(fte > 250)€ 600,=
Industry(fte > 250)€ 600,=
Industry(fte < 250)€ 400,=
Individuals€ 50,=
Self-employed€ 50,=
Yearly membership fee of NethCold depends on the size of the organization

Sign up

Every organization can have maximum 5 employees (age > 40 years) as member within this fee. In addition it is allowed to have 5 extra employees younger than 40 years old joining. This to encourage Young Professionals becoming active within NethCOLD and ICOLD.