ICOLD Member countries can join one of the Regional Clubs of ICOLD. NethCOLD participates in the European Club of ICOLD, which is also known as EURCOLD (index (apambiente.pt)). The chairperson of a member country represents a member country in the annual meetings of EURCOLD, which take place during the Annual Meeting of ICOLD.

Every three years, one of the EURCOLD Member Countries organizes a 3- or 4-day EURCOLD Symposium.

Within EURCOLD there are informal working groups which focus on technical topics of interest in Europe.

NethCOLD is actively participating in the EURCOLD working groups related to internal and external erosion and international comparison studies of dams and levees. The working groups are relatively open and informal. For example, open and free webinars are organized related to international levees.

The working groups in which members of NethCOLD are involved and/or participate actively, are: